What we offer...

Artwork as unique as you are! The Artifactory Chamber creates one-of-a-kind artworks, fabrications and designs that make a strong statement about you - without a word - they speak to the imagination.

Unique from every perspective and “distinctively yours” each artwork is designed specifically for you - no two being alike! 

These awesome and inspiring artworks are custom-crafted using authentic antiques and vintage artifacts employed in new and exciting roles. Each hand-crafted masterpiece is imbued with authentic stature and solid brass! Place them wherever you want to be heard - home theaters, foyers, events, boardrooms or any special area.

Our Commissioned Services incorporate elegant interior designs and creative solutions that target specific challenges in making your home artistically unique as well as making your home "smart & connected”.

Feed the obsession that’s one of a kind… Commission an artwork or service today!

Table Sculptures

The Vapor Prisma Lux - Table SculptureThe Winds of Oz - Table SculptureThe Thrust of Sapiens - Table SculptureThe Laboratorium - Table SculptureThe Transfusium - Table SculptureThe Temulentium - Table Sculpture

Delivering excitement to the table-top! 

Table Sculptures entice the unexpected and cultivate an environment rich for conversation.

The goal is immersion … genuine antiques and vintage artifacts repurposed and unified in a theme - illuminating the craftsmanship of the era while connecting the dots with the imagination of the present.

Each table sculpture showcases a harmonious assemblage that captures the attention.  Add the Kinetic Upgrade package and bring an exotic and sultry special-effect to your sculpture. 

Table Sculptures clad in brass that bestow “Elegance in Mad Crazy”!


Wall Sculptures & Fabrications

The Copper Joules - Wall SculptureThe Outrageous Oscillo - Wall SculptureThe Astrolabe Oculus (Astrological Star-finder) - FabricationThe Atwater Kent Model H (Hi-Frequency Radiator Conversion) - FabricationVictorian Fireplace Mantle & Wall Plaque - FabricationThe Dauntless Express - Fabrication Coming Soon!

Wow… Just Wow!

Wall Sculptures and custom fabrications add a theatrical dimension and awesome presence featuring scientific apparatus, vintage industrial components, Steampunk derivations and movie-prop concepts. 

The goal … monopolize the focal point of your special area or room.

Wall Sculptures are available in “active” or “passive” configurations - your choice whether you actually connect them to source and power or just mount them for an awe-inspiring display. Fabrications go “all out” and represent a “why not” approach to things … so let’s have fun!

Extraordinary artistic “focal points” that are "in-charge” and “on-center”!


Commissioned Services

Custom Aquatics - Integration with Wall UnitRestoration Embellishment - Victorian Telephone NicheProcure, Restore & Embellish - Victorian ClockArtifact Embellishment Restoration - Victorian PanelArtifact Restoration - Terra Cotta Lion HeadArtifact Procurement - Upright PianoCustom Aquatics - 100 Gallon Basement SumpInterior Design - Victorian Parlor WallHome Entertainment & AutomationWhole-House ConnectivityProcurement Restoration - African Carving (Mounted - Framed - Sealed)Interior Design - 3rd Floor Attic Bathroom Addition

Start to Finish - successfully partnering, conceptualizing, planning, managing and implementing the “project” is what the Artifactory Chamber brings to the table. 

The goal… Satisfy unique challenges with unique solutions and add value by minimizing your turn-around to a successful project!

Let’s start a conversation about your project - what’s the goal and the budget - where do you need support - what are your expectations - how to you choose a contractor - what happens when things don’t go according to plans? 

Just a thought or two about your journey towards a successful project and it becomes immediately obvious experience matters but more importantly how you handle obstacles and work-arounds ultimately determines how close you get to the goal!

When the emergency executions (corrections to errors) present themselves in the final results as well thought-out plans you know you’ve found the right Interior Design, Project Manager.


  • Interior Design & Refinement
  • Artifact Procurement
  • Custom Aquatic Installations
  • Home Entertainment - Automation

Smart solutions, elegant designs and peace of mind!

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