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Barone -  an artisan with eclectic taste and a broad skill-set acquired over 20 years professionally and personally and owner of The Artifactory Chamber - is who I’ve become!

Creating “one of a kind” artworks and designs is what I do.  

Personally, art is an expression, a moment, a condition through which I communicate, transcend, expound and live - sharing this experience is my contribution to the art community. 

Vision, presentation and perspective - repurposing, resurrecting, embellishing, staging, highlighting and illumination - the notes in my song and the skills I orchestrate to create exciting art and designs. Perhaps most profound is the realization that as an artist my energies speak from within and spring forth in many tongues.

Creating art that people enjoy - art that successfully communicates, translates and empowers thoughts and feelings beyond the canvas is perhaps the most fulfilling reward. Designing solutions that work, enhance and add lasting value to your environment is the “job” at hand and a profession I enjoy!

Drawn to mechanics, technology and science I have always contemplated design and envisioned alternatives - deconstructing as a child has led to constructing as an adult. As our technology evolves it looses its tactile simplicity and moves to the more ethereal construct of shaping electrons - separating us from the tangible.

Thus, I find sustainability, beauty and tactile reassurance from the old, preserved and restored.

~ Barone ~

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