The Astrolabe Oculus (Astrological Star-finder) - Fabrication

The Astrolabe Oculus is an authentic star mapping device (star-finder). It unifies functional scientific apparatus in a cohesive assemblage that depicts the relationship between planet, satellite and meteorite. The goal ... transform a display case into an awe-inspiring, scientifically accurate celestial device that adheres to elements of the "Steampunk" aesthetic. 

The Astrolabe Oculus uses multi-stage remote-controlled lighting that imbues the warmth of planetary life and the coldness of space. Laser mirrors reflect backlighting from the Farquhar Transparent Celestial Globe, “Bowl of Night" embedded in the display hood that emulates the vastness of space. The rotor employs a pyrite sphere which infers the mineral-rich bodies that inhabit space. The rotor governor emulates a satellite or other orbiting craft. The base of the sculpture incorporates a gimbaled star-finder globe that also doubles as the subject planet. The Astrolabe Oculus is a superlative fascination piece that hosts scientific and educational capabilities.

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