The Outrageous Oscillo - Wall Sculpture

A bold and elegant sculpture depicting the control panel for the reanimation of Frankenstein. The "Outrageous Oscillo" monitors Frankenstein for signs of life! 

In this rendering the "Outrageous Oscillo” performs the functions of a audio spectrum analyzer – visually displaying your personal audio source sound spectrum while being slightly intimidating as well. 

The Outrageous Oscillo connects to a wall outlet and requires connection to a music source. In-wall wired installations are recommended but you can also surface-mount your connections or just "jack-in” your iPhone or music source directly on the front panel.

The expansive 32-Band Audio Spectrum Analyzer offers several display modes of operation including Dot, Bar, Peak and Peak with Decay.

The Outrageous Oscillo is built as a removable plaque which is saddled in a custom suspension frame simplifying installation and removal!

“Sizzle" for those who enjoy musical visualization and grandeur as well!

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