The Atwater Kent Model H (Hi-Frequency Radiator Conversion) - Fabrication

“Grand" and “classic" are two words that come to mind when we think of the historic radio era - however, “clarity” and “power” are not words we associate with the era. Too bad, because these Atwater Kent Horn Speakers would be a great addition to an audiophile system today - if only they sounded as good as they look.

There are others who convert these horns into acoustical speakers where your iPhone or iPad powers the speaker but truly great sound has never come from an iPhone and certainly not possible at listening-room power levels.

Let’s feed the obsession!

There is one sonic possibility that works with the restrictions inherent in the Atwater Kent Horn design - adding  a super tweeter. The metal housing incorporated in the Atwater Kent design was later replaced by the manufacturer with composite and then paper as it was soon realized metal has poor sonic qualities. 

Hi-frequencies however, benefit from the rigid projection of metal - removing the ancient transducers from the horns and performing a small hack transforms these horns into modern-day hyper-tweeters offering point-source projection of those high frequencies and since there’s no “mid" or "low frequencies" being produced the resonance with the metal becomes insignificant.

Each horn is fitted with a hi-performance tweeter and cross-over to seamlessly blend with your existing sound stage. This truly transforms the possibilities enabling these classy horns to play nicely at listening-room levels while you rock out.

A reincarnation of “classic” proportions!

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