Wall Sculptures & Fabrications

The Copper JoulesThe Copper JoulesThe Copper JoulesThe Outrageous OscilloThe Atwater KentThe Atwater KentThe Outrageous OscilloThe Outrageous OscilloThe Outrageous OscilloThe Copper JoulesThe Copper JoulesThe Astrolabe OculusThe Copper JoulesThe Astrolabe OculusThe Astrolabe OculusThe Astrolabe Oculus

Wall Sculptures and Fabrications command the focal point!

"Classic - Iconic - Grand and Dramatic!"

A few words describing the perfect addition to Media Rooms, Foyers, Home Theaters, Man Caves and any wall or area needing attention.

"Inspirational - Educational - Functional and Memorable!"

A definitive experience - these creations deserve high visibility - they’re bold and captivating and easily noticed from across the room - be prepared to grab a drink and explain things to your admirers.

Custom fabrication ideas abound - I’d be delighted to explore those with you. Expect an elegance that’s visceral and fascinating!

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